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The Reason


Expressive art for when you need. to. slow. down.

This is the Art of Being Self Centered.

Re-connect with your inner Self, your inner voice, and your inner creativity.

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The Art


This is an expressive art experience.  The focus is on process not product.  We paint easy art that later serves as a centering tool.  

Images include mandalas, yoga poses, sacred mountains, and positive affirmations.  

Custom designs are available.

The Location


This class is ideal for wellness retreats, spa options, home spa parties, yoga studio additions, and business off-sites for teambuilding.

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The Process


We combine simple mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, essential oils, candles, singing bowls, and yoga with expressive healing art and color science.

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Who Benefits?


Men and women from all walks of life will enjoy slowing down through creativity.

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Experience calmed emotions, slower, deeper breathing, & a quiet mind.  

Display art at your office or home as a tool to connect to your true Self and be Self centered.